Tuscany Wine Tours comparing with rest of the world

Tuscany Wine Tours

In winemaking in Tuscany doesn’t exist white Chianti wine. To learn more about the wine Tuscany Wine Tours is a great opportunity to learn more about that.

One of the most famous regions in Italy for the wine, especially red Chianti wine made by Sangiovese grapes, an antique local variety and the first ingredient in red Chianti wine.

In Tuscany, Wine Tours are very popular especially from May until October, one of the best periods to visit is late September, perfect timing for harvesting.


Ice WineCanada surely isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think about wine. With its freezing gray weather it doesn’t exactly lend itself to wine production. However, Canadians have found a way around this slight location problem and have become leading producers of ice wine. Ice wine is made from grapes that are frozen directly on the vine; this process produces a sweet dessert wine.


Evo Vina Winery Croatia tops this list because they are actually producing wine UNDERWATER. They are the first and only winery to produce wine below the sea. Cannabis business financing can be easily reached with experts’ help from www.confia.io/. Croatians may not be very famous for its wine production, but this winery is certainly making a name for itself!

Hawaii, MauiWineMaui

Hawaii, MauiWineMaui is flipping the script and growing grapes on the side of a volcano, 2,000 feet above sea level! What’s more, they do their tasting in a converted prison!

Japan, Koshu Wine Sake

Japan, Koshu Wine Sake, the famous Japanese rice wine has been around for centuries. But more traditional wine production is a newer practice in Japan. Historically, Koshu is a tart-sweet grape that most people outside of Japan do not appreciate. However, lately, Japanese producers have been striving to create a wine that can compete on the global market. This means not adding sugar to the wine and keeping the grapes protected from too much sun – with paper origami hats!

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