Top 10 Wine Tours and Tasting You Must Visit

Tuscany, which is the central region of Italy, approximately 9,000 square-mile area with the scenic hilltops. Dense and thriving hills and alluring coastline. An incredible place is known for its landscapes and artistic legacy best wineries in tuscany.

Florence, one of the most well-known wine-producing also known as Florence wine tour area including Chianti, VinoNobile di Montepulciano, Morellino di Scansano and Brunello di Montalcino. The spectacular vineyards and specialists in wine would tease your taste buds with their award-winning vintage making the best combination.

The blooming natural views of landscapes and prime architectures, set up the perfect tasting rooms for tourists and visitors. Thereby, you must not miss out on the opportunity, visit such a classic region to get the tastiest experience of all and explore the best. That is why in Florence we are dropping some appealing vineyards where you must visit once.

Best wineries in Tuscany


The best you can explore in Tuscany is through the Florence wine tour. You would be joyed with Tuscany’s rolling hills and a wide variety of vineyards of Chianti. A little while people are losing their vacations waiting in long ques and visiting museums and churches. Instead, should take a glimpse of the Best Wineries in Tuscany for relaxing and take a chance to escape the crowd. While drinking the best taste of the wine you can enjoy the beautiful site, visiting the local cellar, winery run by a family. The winery family owners open up their doors and allow tourist to visit their sprawling property involving over 350 hectares of vineyards and olive trees. Generous Traditional lunch after tasting been served with homemade olive oil and honey jam and of course, not a single Italian food is complete without wine.

Cantina Salcheto


In the beautiful hills of Montepulciano offering organic winery tastings, which is arousing and jaw-dropping. A vineyard with valley views and rooms which is about 40-acre, main in Tuscany manages to meet the vibrant colors, rolling hills, and state of the art. You can pair your food which has no basic taste but upgrade it at Salcheto’s onsite sommeliers.

Rocca di Frassinello

florence wine tours

Rocca di Franssinello is designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano which is the most appealing and modern winery. Its magical color combination and designed geometry are phenomenal which gives a sense like whole Grosseto along  Tuscany’s coastline are folded into it with rich ambers and reds. There is a cowboy country in the south of Tuscany, Maremma. You won’t find any crowd there and will be tasting your favorite collection of wines. Alongside you can also find their culture vulture and antique architecture.

Badia a Coltibuono

florence wine tours

Badia a Coltibuono is near to Siena with scenic and attractive landscapes around. Its sight gives a perception like scenery or painting, which has fascinating buildings of middle ages and historic monasteries. The environment is so good that you will feel energetic and enjoy people’s company. Though it is a well-planned place, wines are given for tasting on entry but don’t include snacks.

Castello di Ama (Tuscany Wine Tour)

Castello di Ama ( Tuscany Wine Tour )

North of Siena in Chianti Castello di Ama is located in a beautiful middle-aged hilltop. That gives a perception of the old era like an old fashioned fairytale. Also famous for its modern art and design.

Deluxe vineyards produce high-quality wine, the gardens and the specific artwork attracts the art lovers towards itself. It the masterpiece due to its scenic view and its surrounding picturesque village is beyond the imaginations.


Felsina - Tuscany wine Tour

Wandering around the Chianti hills and green valleys you will find the perfect place with stone entrance Felsina. A fascinating view with the natural touch just because everything you will eat comes from its surrounding land.

Wine tasting with a light lunch including olive oil which is gained from the cultivars and uses Veronelli’s rule of pressing for oil making. It is interesting for those who are in the curiosity that whys and how wine with olive oil, an excellent destination for wine lovers and nutritious travelers.



Volpaia is the fantasy of Tuscan’s wines to visit, it is a walled crossroad on a Chianti hill. The beautiful place is filled with the historical castle and itself town is charming which puts into the Florentine history.

Meanwhile, it was served as the defensive outpost during a peak time for the Florentine Republic. If you are on a private tour you would definitely enjoy the classic taste of Volpaia wines. So the environment is so friendly including high professional staff. They serve with enthusiasm and love Volpaia which is irresistible.

Biondi Santi Tenuta Greppo

Biondi Santi Tenuta Greppo

One of the best wineries in Tuscany, Biondi Santi’s tours and tastings are highly rated in addition to its good reviews and reasons. That’s why it is the most popular wineries in the World. The reason for its popularity is, it’s the seat of Brunello di Montalcino, known to be the most famous reds from Tuscany around the world. At the time of booking, some questions are asked according to your interest and knowledge in wine, somehow that makes easy for them to match tour type for you and guide according to your knowledge. However, if you don’t have enough knowledge can also enjoy vineyard history and views, besides all can also have experience of learning about the trade.

Podere le Ripi

Poderele Ripi

Awesome view of the picturesque winery including the modern entry and warm, welcoming tasting area Podere le Ripi. Where you can enjoy the atmosphere at its best. Appealing Tuscan roads end at Podere le Ripi. The well-known winemaker Francesco Illy is famous as the innovator of wine. The tastes are vibrant as well as he himself. So the takeaway is clear when you leave after tasting the mouth-watering wine and snacks. Still creating the best wine that you can embrace at once.



The best and the dreamy place to be with your friends and loved ones. Ornellaia, which produced the great experience of tasting. Among the most exclusive wineries in Tuscany and found to be the perfect place. The alluring landscape dotted with the charming towers and castle is worthy along the coastline between Livorno and Grosseto. The super taste of innovative wine will make you out of this world. The impressive outcome from the visitors makes it the classic, known to be the famous sommeliers around the world.

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