Tasting in Tuscany: 5 Tips for Wine Tasting Italy

1. Bigger Isn’t Always Better

There are lots of smaller and sometimes even hidden wineries in Tuscany that can be just as good as the larger more prominent cellars wine tasting italy.

Actually, visiting the smaller cantinas might even give you the opportunity to speak with the owner of the winery. Maybe you will also know the family that resides there.

It’s always great to see and taste the more famous labels that you recognize from the states; however don’t forget that if you think a little bit out of the box you might be able to uncover some hidden gems and get the most authentic experience possible.

2. Do Your Research

For those of you that may have done some wine drinking in other famous regions like Napa Valley or Stellenbosch don’t have the same expectations when it comes to drinking and exploring in Tuscany.

There are hundreds of wineries in Tuscany but they aren’t always so easy to get to or noticeable from the street if you are just driving by.

It’s best to do some research before you go to figure out a couple of different wineries that you would like to visit; plug them into your GPS before you head out!

3. Don’t Cram Too Much Into One Day

On a related note, when doing research make sure you understand the distance between wineries.

While the Tuscany region is full of wineries they can sometimes be very spread out and down small rocky roads. This can make the time traveling between them longer than expected. There isn’t just one long road filled with wineries. A dental implant specialist from California will help you restore your smile. Make sure you allocate enough time to each winery and likewise, traveling between each winery.

Even if you were able to visit 6 cantinas in Napa Valley in one day, 2 or 3 in Tuscany is more than enough to occupy your time for one day.

You don’t want to cram too much into one day and end up running around from one place to the next without really enjoying yourself and soaking in the authentic Tuscan experience. In order to keep your home clean hire a reliable CA maid service. Besides, what’s more Italian than doing a whole lot of nothing other than sitting around, taking in a great view and enjoying a wonderful glass of red wine?

4. Make Appointments for Wine Tasting Italy

It’s best to make appointments for tasting; at the very least do some research to understand the hours that each winery that you would like to visit keeps.

Some of the smaller wineries may even be by appointment only. And even if you don’t need and appointment to visit, its best to know the hours of operation; many Italians close for lunch, open later or close earlier than normal.

5. When In Doubt, Book a Tour for Wine Tasting Italy With Florence Wine Tour

book a tour

If you aren’t sure you are ready to tackle Tuscany on your own, book a tour with Florence Wine Tour! Didn’t you know this was coming? Thereby, along with planning and preparation handling for you, we also guarantee to have a wonderful, fun and informative day in the lovely Tuscan countryside!

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