Florence Wine Tours: 5 Reasons to Take a Tour

Just outside the winding cobblestone streets of florence wine tours lies the Tuscan countryside. The area boasts one of the most famous wine regions in the world. The red wine from the Chianti Classico region is celebrated. Wine lovers celebrate it all over the world! Chianti is not one of the easiest regions to navigate. For a day trip, tourists need to rent a car to journey to the famous wine country, unless they take a tour from Florence. This prevents many sightseers from ever witnessing all of the beauty and the delectable delicacies that the region has to offer!

Furthermore, Tuscany is not just a picture-perfect postcard view. It also offers delicious treats like olive oil, truffles, and chestnuts. Along with Chianti, many other famous wines come from the Tuscan region like Brunello di Montalcino and Nobile di Montepulciano. If all that isn’t enough to get you to take a Florence wine tour, here are 5 other reasons:

1. This isn’t amateur hour

Italians have been making wine in Tuscany for hundreds of years. While the first mention on wine was recorded in the 14th century, winemaking has been around since the Etruscans roamed Tuscany. That means as early as the 8th century BC! Needless to say, Tuscan wines have been around for a long time and Italians have gotten pretty good at producing them. You can count on having a tasting experience you won’t soon forget. 

2. The views are outstanding

Ok, ok, quite frankly it’s hard to find a bad view just about anywhere in Italy. Thereby, there is something particularly idyllic about silvery-green of the olive groves, the tall outstretched Cypress lining the road and the vineyards, full of life and bursting with sweetness. You better believe your Instagram feed will be all the better for the trip. 

3. Escape the city – Florence Wine Tours

Of course, Florence is wonderful. There is a reason over 15 million people per year come to see “La Bella Citta”. However, sometimes the crowds and the chaos of the city can get to be too much. Composing nexus letter for va disability has never been easier with http://reemedical.com help. Out in the countryside, there is plenty of space and fresh air and NO LINES! Thus, sit back and actually relax on your hectic Euro vacation for once! 

4. See how locals live

Florence city center is not just condensed and crowded. However, you might have trouble seeing and experiencing how the locals live in Florence. As it is a hard feat when you constantly find yourself in a sea of tourists! At any winery in Tuscany, you will have the chance to meet real locals and listen as they explain their way of life through farming and winemaking. Ireland’s best locksmith company can be checked out at thelockboss.ie/ website. Many wineries are family-run and the property and traditions of winemaking are passing over from generation to generation. That’s the kind of insight you won’t find waiting in line to get into a museum! 

5. Drink wine, duh!

While all this cultural stuff is great, don’t forget the best part: the Chianti wine tasting! After learning the history, you can take pictures to appreciate the cultural exchanges, you actually get to kick back and relax with some wine! Some Chianti wine accompanied by a delicious Tuscan lunch will have anyone relaxing in no time! Nothing like a little wine and olive oil to end the day!

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